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Paridera aquarium

When our pets are in the process of delivery, sometimes they need to be guaranteed an optimal environment for having their quiet way process and end with success. In addition generally required to protect the newborn from others perhaps aggressive external agents or animals that might harm young.

To allow this process normally meets in 'll find paridera aquarium excellent quality and unbeatable prices.

Lambing fish is a small space has reduced plastic holes for the passage of water between the aquarium and this without the baby fish or fry to escape, as they are also known. One of the reasons why the young pass that level is because the mother could, by the level of stress that is by birth and space, eat the small fry. Furthermore , this structure protects them as they grow and become strong in order to develop and face alone his little world inside the aquarium.

Here you will find parideras fish of the highest quality with highly resistant materials such as farrowing methacrylate , a super durable material in which young fish may move to the bottom where you can see all the development of these and mother.

Paridera aquarium from top brands

In our online store you can take at incredible prices and with greater ease, because through just a click products reach the door of your house. Enjoy the most lasting farrowing fish thanks to brands: Arquivet , Hobby , JBL , Sandimas , Trixie , Tropical , Yagu , Zolux , Hagen and Rena .

These hatcheries are suitable for breeding and rearing of fish in an aquarium. Tops that have prevents them from jumping and some come with removable bottom part.

Please note that we offer a host of products to be able to provide greater comfort your fish at the time of birth. We have multiple farrowing and individual farrowing according to the number of females who are about to have the fry. The two are at your disposal in different sizes and made of ultra resistant materials.