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Internal Parasite Control for Dogs

External parasites, that is to say fleas, ticks, various insects and mites are the most known parasites. However, they are also the easiest to tackle, through the use of drops, sprays, flea control collars and dog shampoos. You can find all these products on the different sections of our online pet shop.

Unfortunately there are other threats which are generally the most feared ones, we are talking about internal parasites. These parasites attack our dogs’ vital organs and we can’t see it, but our pets actually suffer because of them. Against them, we offer in our pet shop a wide range of internal flea and parasite control medications for dogs.

Parasite Control Pills or the digestive system

Internal Parasites can only be treated with medications that target the internal body of your pets. In other words, you can fight intestinal worms and other conditions that causes in them diarrhoea or ulcer. Thanks to these parasite control pills and tablets your dog can expel such bugs from their system.

Among the vast selection of products  we offer, the most popular one might be Drontal Plus from Bayer, a formula that can be used against different types of internal parasites. We will also find other pills offered by Chadog, Paravet or Beaphar, which have formulated their medicaments with natural ingredients.

In conclusion, the intestinal unease caused by internal parasites can be treated with parasite cleanse pills, many of which are milbemicin-based, which is the active ingredient of the well-known Milbemax from Novartis.

What is Leishmaniosis

If dog internal parasites can be eliminated through the mentioned tablets and pills, it is also undoubted that there are other threats that can cause devastating effects on your pets’ health: the heartworm and leishmaniosis.

Though these conditions affect the internal organs of the dog yet their origin lies on a mosquito bite. Differently put, they have an external origin, so the best prevention could be using a different type of dog flea and parasite control. These mosquitos can be repelled by flea control collars or by the application of drops. Other prevention remedies can turn useful as well, for instance we suggest to take them for a walk in different hours of the day or using mosquito screens, especially at night. Every care measure is important, as it would be for the good of our pet’s health.