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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Tasty Hobbit cookies to reward your dog and thank him or her for happiness that he or she brought into your life.

They are perfect sized cookies enough to make your dog happy without adding calories. Training is important so the dog know how to behave, reward good behaviour with Hobbit cookies. It is a great way how to exercise, train obedience and educate your dog.

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Hobbit-Alf Biscuit Animal Farm


Order 2 units, don't run out of it

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Features Hobbit-Alf Biscuit Animal Farm

  • Reference8436002681220
  • Weight200 GR, 430 GR
  • BrandHobbit-Alf
  • AgeNot Specific
  • Dog SizeNot Specific

Description Hobbit-Alf Biscuit Animal Farm

Cereal biscuits and vanilla flavor in the form of animals

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sao ligeiramente adocicados por isso não sei até que ponto o consumo frequente é saudavel, a minha cadela gosta muito