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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Food from ZiwiPeak with natural ingredients. ZiwiPeak from New Zealandbrings food without dyes, salt, sugar or cereals. It is excellent for pets with food sensitive stomachs. Main source of protein is lamb. It is also high in fish oils to ensure healthy skin and coat. Very good product that will meet all the needs of your pet.

This wet food is good quality and an excellent choice for feeding your pet but it is recommended that you supplement it with dry food to ensure dental oral hygiene. Pets must bite and chew it with provides many benefits for health.

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Pack 8 ZiwiPeaK Cuisine Deer

New Zealand’s premium quality, pastured, grass-fed venison is a superb protein source for dogs. It’s highly digestible with plenty of connective tissue and high levels of natural chondroitin and glucosamine to support long-term mobility a ...


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Features Pack 8 ZiwiPeaK Cuisine Deer

  • Reference9421016590551
  • Weight400 GR
  • BrandZiwiPeaK
  • Nutritional ConditionsWithout Cereals
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorVenison (Deer)

Description Pack 8 ZiwiPeaK Cuisine Deer

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Muy bueno. Este producto, al igual que Cusine Ciervo y Pescado y la comida húmeda de Ciervo y de Ciervo y Pescado me parece la alimentación más sana para mis gatos. Son jóvenes y tenían problemas intestinales y ya no los tienen desde que han cambiado la alimentación. Mis dos gatos y yo esperamos que sigáis trayendo estos productos de Nueva Zelanda.